Okay, so I realize that might be confusing, coming from a storytelling technology founder, but our objective was never to replace print. Our mission has always been to ‘Create Happy Moments’ through the art of storytelling; and technology makes it very easy to share that experience when family members are far apart.

If you can share a story with a book in your lap, that’s equally a ‘Happy Moment’ – and it’s a powerful building block for kids. Whether it’s sparking their imagination with an adventure that resonates with their inner spirit, or teaching them about a different part of the world, or improving their vocabulary and literacy by reading aloud; any or all of those potential experiences EMPOWER that child for the rest of their life. What could be better than that?

Grambo on Be There Bedtime StoriesBut I digress… Back to our EXCITING announcement – we are the original publishers behind Grambo, which was one of the original books in our bookstore we helped edit, storyboard and produce. Well it’s now available in print on Amazon!

Beth Navarro’s creative narration and Betsy Hamilton’s illustrations deliver a great storytelling experience with both girl-power and gramma-power themes for young girls. And young boys, who statistically have a harder time getting motivated to read http://nyti.ms/1iAO40y, will dig this adventurous plot, too!

Can you purchase TODAY and help us make it a best seller?  Or just purchase it to deliver a powerful building block experience for a kid near you. Either way, works for us!


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