Make a Military Kid Smile.

“My kids could not BELIEVE Daddy was reading with them… When the kids get lonely, this video/storybook will come in handy.

Anything I can do for this organization. It has helped keep my kids and I going.


– Blue Star Family/Military Mom

Blue Star Families Offers Webtime Stories on


Donate Webtime Stories to Blue Star Families

Your Support Makes a Difference for Military Families

Our military troop members are moms, dads, grandparents, aunts and uncles first! They are also our friends and neighbors.

Sharing a video bedtime story gives military families an opportunity to take off their helmet and put on their family hat for awhile, boosting their morale and sharing in an experience despite the ocean between them.

Whether mom or dad is doing the storytelling or watching their child read a story, Webtime Stories can connect military families in a powerful way, and offers them an experience they can cherish tonight and for a lifetime to come.

Give a Story

We thank you! And a military kid thanks you too.

Receive a Story

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Bring the Bullhorn to Work or Church!

Create an office drive at your workplace, and promote video bedtime story donations to our troops! It’s super easy, here’s 3 different ways to champion the cause:

1. Simply use the URL of this page in your own internal office memos and newsletters.
2. Print out the PDF flyer below and post in your break room or church hall.
3. Check with your HR department to see if your company would be interested in matching the donations from the office pool! Then contact us direct on how the matching program works.

That’s it! It’s that easy to connect our military families that are far apart from their kids, thanks to your generous donation.

Send us your email address and we can send you reminders and other creative information to help you explain the awesomeness of this one of a kind donation drive.

Messages Submitted with Story Donations

Thank you all for the demanding and courageous work you do on behalf of our country. May your family smile as they get to see you read them a BedTime Story. God Bless

Enjoy this book from a loved one. From a Grandpa and Grandma. Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to help provide an enoyable connection between family members during the holidays. Enjoy!

Please accept the thanks and heartfelt gratitude for your sacrifice and service to our country. When you send this story to your child, imagine putting your arms around them and telling them how much you care about them. Hope this brings a smile to both you and your children.

Thank you all for the demanding and courageous work you do on behalf of our country. May your family smile as they get to see you read them a BedTime Story. God Bless

Thank You, and have a very Merry Christmas. God Bless.

I hope you enjoy storytime from far away! Blessings

Thank you for all that you are sacrificing for our family, too! Here are 10 stories I hope you can share with your children. And thank you Be There Bedtime Stories for making this possible.

Wishing you and your family a special storytime while you are away. My family is so grateful for your service. God Bless your family!

When you read aloud to children, you’re feeding their brains while satisfying their hunger for learning at the same time. Feed that curiosity!

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