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Pre-K Resources for Early Childhood Literacy I have two daughters and come from a family where reading was experienced at a very early age. I was a fourth grade teacher when I had my first daughter and remember wondering what I could do for her to best prepare her for...

Time for Summer READING with Grambo!

Let's not lump Summer Reading in with making your kids eat their veggies. Summer Reading can be a fun, interactive, bonding endeavor. Case in point. Beth Navarro, author of Grambo, has put together a spectacular Summer Reading Guide for Grambo. It's the perfect...

Long Live Print.

Okay, so I realize that might be confusing, coming from a storytelling technology founder, but our objective was never to replace print. Our mission has always been to 'Create Happy Moments' through the art of storytelling; and technology makes it very easy to share...

In the Muse: with Beth Navarro

Our next subject “In the Muse” comes to us from Southern California. Beth Navarro is a talented writer, blogger and children's book author. In fact, Beth is one of the first authors that came on board Be There Bedtime Stories back in 2009. We are thrilled to sit down...

Reading Partners

A few years ago I facilitated a teacher workshop and to kick things off we posed a question. We asked teachers how they came to be a reader. We asked them to identify the key that opened the door for them. Participants immediately woke up that lazy morning and became...

Read to a Child

Meet Our Friends: Read to a Child We’ve got the scoop from Maricor Garaniel, a Program Manager at Read to a Child.  How about sharing a story with us about your earliest experience learning to read or a favorite childhood book? My mother told me she read Peter Rabbit...

Our BFFs in Literacy

As a former classroom teacher and current reading specialist, probably the most important thing I can do is find the key to unlock the love of reading for every child. That is not the same for every child so there is work to do in order to find that hook for each...

In the Muse: Laurie Allen Klein

Art Meets Story We are launching into 2014 with the 2nd installment of our "In the Muse" series. Shifting to the pictures behind the "picture book", illustrator Laurie Allen Klein is our guest. Mary: Hi Laurie. Thanks for sitting down with me and letting us peer into...

The New Blogger on the Block

This week I am turning my blog temporarily over to a guest blogger. Before I do, I want to remind everyone that writing is reading. The act of writing and revising requires reading and thinking. What a great way to grow your literacy! Blogging can be one way to allow...

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